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Welcome to our
Black Box Theatre


To our Banzerini Black Box Theatre in Anthem, AZ! We are very excited to share this magical experience with you. What is a black box theatre you ask? A Google search states it as, “A simple indoor performance space with plain black walls and a level floor, typically designed to provide flexibility in the configuration of the stage and the audience seating.” Although that is the typical definition you'll find online, I am bringing Broadway into our little black box theatre!

We strive to make a lasting impression where you leave the theatre experiencing love, laughter, friendship, family and so much more. Our whole hearts are put into the production. With that being said, we can only accept a limited number of spots per show because we like to focus on the quality of work that is poured into our productions. Everyone gets a fair chance to learn and thrive while continuing to grow as an artist and a better human being.


Our mission is to provide elite education and mentorship to our members throughout their time here at Banzerini House. We are committed to helping our members develop into well-rounded, artistic creatives. We will provide education in Acting, Singing, Dancing, Sound, Lighting, Stage Production, Project Management and so much more!


The Banzerini House provides performing arts education programs in a professional theatre setting which allows our members to grow while pursuing their creative passions. Our programs allow members to embark on creative paths and navigate the arts in ways they might have never had the chance to explore otherwise. Our goal is to inspire others to find their voice, live confidently, and follow their dreams.


Banzerini House is dedicated to growing a powerhouse of creatives, that once ready, will be able to apply for permanent positions within Banzerini House itself or have an industry-standard work ethic. Doing this will ensure new and creative productions that will set us apart from mainstream production studios and allow us to create inspiring pieces of art. In this industry, it takes a village, and that is what we aim to create at Banzerini House.


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