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Season Membership

Providing Everything You Need



This player comes in at a production at a time if needed. They may not be guaranteed a part in the production. Look out for our casting calls to see what parts we may have available after casting our seasonal members.


The performing group is geared for all ages. There are two groups set by age 5-11 & and 12 up. They have the option of being a full-time performer or can make room to add more hobbies like sports etc. They are committed for the entire 23/24 season and get extra perks to classes, vocal training, and much more. They also are guaranteed a spot in the production we only have 2 auditions a year to be a part of this program.



Company is for the passionate artist. One who wants to commit fully to this program. We only audition for this once a year and must be a part of the performing group for at least a season before auditioning. To be a part of this program you must be in our top 10. Evaluations happen at the final audition of the season which is our variety show.

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