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How to Prepare for Acting Auditions

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

New to the community of Anthem, Arizona, the Banzerini House is proud to offer one of favorite acting workshops for kids this fall/winter season: The Best Christmas Pageant Ever! As one of our educational performing arts programs, this acting workshop in Anthem, Arizona provides a professional theatre setting that allows our members to grow and learn the in's and out's of theatre production from our team of professionals.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever is now casting K-12! Auditions take place September 18th, so we thought it would useful to review how to prepare for auditions. In order to participate in this live theater production, check our schedule for required rehearsal times and mandatory show week.

Acting camp auditions for the Best Christmas Pageant Ever:

  • Be prepared to perform 30 seconds from a family-friendly song of your choice (Theatrical is a plus)

  • Auditions are also based off of professional behavior as well as ability to take direction

Easy tips to prepare for acting auditions:

  • Be prepared and on time – Memorize your monologue and practice before the audition

  • Smile and be kind to others – The audition starts as soon as you walk in the door

  • Introduce yourself – This makes a good impression

  • It’s natural to be nervous – Mistakes happen! Remember many people won’t notice a mistake unless you point it out, so keep going

Once you have signed up for the acting workshop via our website, you will receive an email to schedule an audition time. Click here to learn more about the Banzerini House production company in Phoenix, Arizona.

Good luck!

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