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Anthem Theater Company Produces an Award-Winning Short Film

If your child or teen is interested in acting, a great way to gain more experience is to sign up for the Banzerini House short film workshop in Anthem, Arizona. See what it is like to be on a professional set over an eight week workshop! Short film workshops give actors a chance to build their resume and gain unique, hand on experience. The Banzerini House is excited to offer another film acting workshop in January 2022.

As a non-profit production company, Banzerini House recently gained accolades for their award-winning short film directed by Angela Lavelle: Home From School.

When a young girl, Naomi, comes home from school and finds that her Dad is working late, she must deal with adult tasks while finding time to do her school work. Her best friend, Rani, is there to help her and provide emotional support for issues she is having at school and the recent loss of her mother.

Recent accolades and awards for Home From School short film include:

Art Film Awards Best Short Film - July ‘21 Best Actress - July ‘21 Best Poster - July ‘21

New Creators Film Awards Best Director Short - July ‘21 Best Actress - July ‘21

Independent Shorts Awards Best Child / Young Actress (Naomi Samansky) - July ‘21 Best Children Short - July ‘21

Indie Short Fest Best Child / Young Actress (Naomi Samansky) - Aug ‘21 Outstanding Achievement for Director (Female) - Aug ‘21

Gold Star Movie Awards Best Drama Short - July ‘21

With the next short film workshop coming to our Anthem arts center in January 2022, you could be the next star! The Banzerini House film production workshops are unique because the parts are written specifically for the kids who sign up. This way the film features their best work.

What else does the short film workshop cover?

  • Audition 101

  • On Screen Taping

  • Character Journaling

  • Breaking Down the Script

  • Blocking on Camera

  • Film Test

  • On Set Etiquette

  • 1 Weekend of Filming

When the short film is complete it is entered into film festivals. Deadline to sign up for the next short film workshop is December 1, 2021. Join us today by signing up here.

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