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What the parents
are saying...

"My two daughters first got to work with Angela when she directed an amazing production of Willy Wonka at our local musical theatre house. They absolutely loved her energy, her fun attitude and the confidence she instilled in them to perform in front of a crowd and have fun doing it. Later, by chance, I signed them up for a Banzerini House art class not realizing Angela was the director. The girls were thrilled when they saw her. They loved the free flowing positive energy, the fun atmosphere and feeling that whatever they created would be amazing."

-Adriana, Parent

"The Banzerini House, how to put into words how much this place means to us. My son had done some brief modeling when he was little, but when we tried to get him on the stage, he was that kid who ran off crying that is until we found Banzerini House.


It all started when a friend had signed up for their Christmas show and they were looking for boys to be in the cast and reached out to us.  He was very nervous to say the least, but was happy to be with one of his best friends. It totally helped calm the nervous. Well after like day two of being with the cast a crew he had the theater bug. 


They opened his heart to the love of theater. There were no mean directors and they understood that even though it was a formal production everyone was at a different level not only in their comfortability on stage but in life. Our son was soon eager to go to rehearsal and then counting down till the actual performance. They managed to bring out a side of him, we knew was there but he never had confidence in.


As the years have gone on he has become more interested not only in being a part of the theater community but in enjoying it! He starts High School next year and his top elective pick was THEATER! Instead of being different he found his community and that is all in thanks to the amazing people at Banzerini House! If you aren’t sure about if this is the right fit for yourself or your child, I can tell you it is! Anyone would be lucky to add this group to their circle."

-Stephanie, Parent

Being part of Banzerini House has been a great experience for my daughters. While my older daughter had been in theater for several years, Angela was able to bring her acting to the next level. Angela has a way of being both demanding and nurturing, which allows her to bring out the best in her actors. She sees potential in them and finds a way to help them see it in themselves. She was able to guide my (then) 10-year-old to convincingly portray Helen Keller, who is both blind and deaf. When I saw the show, I was blown away by the skills she had acquired working with Angela.

When my daughters participated in other shows and short films, I was again impressed not only with the final product, by all the process by which Angela works with her actors. As the parent of two of the younger children in her productions I was both comforted and pleased with how she managed both children and adults at rehearsal.

I highly recommend working with Angela and Banzerini House!

-Dalia, Parent

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