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house rules

The Banzerini House thrives to provide honest, accurate instruction based upon industry standards.


The Banzerini House reserves the right to ask immediate withdrawal of any student who fails to meet its professional standards, including personal conduct, harassment of any kind, violence, rude manner, and not following the GOLDEN RULE: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The Banzerini House reserves the right to enforce the three strike rule. After the third write up, the student will be expelled for no less than 12 months. After 12 months, the student may come to the board of directors and request a one more chance enrollment upon consideration. If there have been three or more attempts to contact the student/parent/guardian and there is no response, we will have to move forward with the disenrollment and proceed with the three strike rule.


We strongly suggest that all students arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class start time.

Instructors will attempt to wait as long as is reasonably possible until all students have arrived to start their activities, so timeliness is appreciated.


When picking up at the end of the day, our staff will release children only to a parent or an authorized person to pick up as per the general information form filled out at the time of enrollment. If there is a change to the designated person responsible for pickup, the student's parent must let the director/instructor know immediately.

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Self-discipline is an essential characteristic of the performer, and as such, provides the foundation for the Banzerini House attendance policy.

Students are encouraged to maintain high standards of personal health and behavior. Attendance in class, however, is essential for a successful student and therefore students are expected to schedule personal appointments and activities for times other than those designated for rehearsal time. As a performing group, a student’s presence in class is mandatory. The focus is on learning the process, observing and supporting others in their work and being a part of an ensemble. The student cannot fully participate or grow into his/her full potential if he/she is not present. If a student is running late or cannot attend rehearsal, it is his/her responsibility to contact their director/instructor immediately. If a student misses more than 3 classes he/she will not advance to the next session and may be asked to step down. The understudy will replace that student and that student will then be an understudy. All students are encouraged to discuss any conflicts or concerns with their director/instructor.

be ready//attire

All students must wear closed-toed shoes; tennis/sneakers are preferable. Leggings and other comfortable attire are also acceptable. Dresses are fine as long as the student is wearing shorts or pants with it. Do not wear any attire that makes it difficult to move in. It is vital that our students be able to move and perform freely and without restrictions, therefore comfortable clothing and shoes are an absolute must!

Items to Bring

to each class: 

  • Healthy snack (fruit, vegetables, water ONLY, etc.)

  • Please bring clean lunch, nothing messy.

  • Composition notebook (provided by the Banzerini House)

  • Pencil


*Not bringing items to class and not cleaning up a mess that was the responsibility of the student will be noted for review time. Be prepared, and be respectful of the space you're in!

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